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The meandering stream is a metaphor for life's journey.  The stream chooses the path of least resistance; When meek it circuitously avoids all obstacles but when raging it plunges headlong downhill oblivious of them.  The notion of meandering suggests to me an exploration, a sampling of opportunities and an accrual of experience.

The stream first appeared in my work more than three decades ago in a series of sculptures responding to the agricultural landscape surrounding the University of California at Davis, where I was an art student.  The focus of one piece was a stream that ran through the redwood trees of the arboretum behind TB9, the perennial "temporary building" that housed ceramics and the foundry, and was for many years the temple of the genius of Robert Arneson.  At the time the inspiration for a meandering stream was completely subconscious and its metaphor eluded me.  Now the autobiographical nature of this theme is so obvious.  This early work was a harbinger, both of the life experiences I was to have, and of the continuing visual importance of the stream in my work.

The stream continues to recur in my work, and plays a more important role than ever as I embrace its significance.  The contrasts of the materials--between warm and cool, smooth and textured, transparent and opaque--are an intriguing metaphor for Nature's complex intermingling of earth, sky and water.

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at this juncture in my life, i have ceased to bang my head against the wall

am no longer seeking sales, and am doing work that is extremely personal and autobiographical.

let it be my legacy, to reside in the homes of my offspring or the halls of museums.

self portrait with head in clouds

Selected Exhibitions
The Modernism Show, Denver Studios Complex, August 2007

"Artists of Colorado" Denver Botanic Garden, 2006, 2005

S.O.F.A. Chicago, October 2003

"Color On The Edge" Bulthaup Showroom, Chicago, May-July, 2003

"Beyond Function: The Art of Furniture"
Chicago Cultural Center, June-September, 2001

"New Chicago Furniture"
The Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design, Chicago
2000, 1999, 1998, 1997

"New Ideas in Furniture"
Chicago Cultural Center, May-July, 2000

Honorable Mention, "New Chicago Furniture" 2000

Honorable Mention, "New Ideas in Furniture" 2000

ADEX Gold Award, Residential Furniture, Design Journal, 1999

Outstanding Lighting Design "New Chicago Furniture" 1998

Selected Publications
"Beyond Function: The Art of Furniture"
Chicago Cultural Center bulletin, June 2001

"Everything But The Kitchen Sink" by Todd Savage
The Chicago Tribune, March 12, 2000

"Artistic Designs In Furniture" by Marilyn McMahon
Santa Barbara News-Press, January 23, 1992

"Made In Santa Barbara" edited by Mary Eppen
The Independent, December 14, 1989

BA, Fine Art, University of California at Davis, 1970
(Studies with William T. Wiley, Robert Arneson, Wayne Thiebaud
and Roy DeForest)

California State University at Northridge
(Studies with Hans Burkhardt, Irving Block, Walter Gabrielson and Robert Bassler)

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